top bannerbanner fireswedish flag internet-based support system for systematic fire prevention, which not only focuses on the documentation, but that is also an interactive tool for your internal fire safety inspection.
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i-sba logotype, SBA, fire and evacuation safety - an Internet-based tool for systematic fire protection work, which is owned and developed by (Evacuate Sweden).

Too many people focus their attention on alarms or fire extinguishers, but evaQ8 want to help companies focus instead on a whole for the fire and evacuation safety where appropriate protection consists of a well balanced combination of technologies and organization. It starts in minimizing the scope for both technical and human factors that cause incidents, and the lands in that (in the worst case) in a fire to provide emergency services such useful information as possible in order to be able to make such a rapid and successful effort as possible. By life always takes precedence over property, and that this fact govern rescue mission, then exit the safety not only for human safety, but also for the company's property, business and survival.

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