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Systematic fire prevention - SBA

According to the Law on the Prevention of Accidents (2003:778) schould the one who owns or uses a building or other facility take the necessary action to prevent the occurrence of fire and to limit the damage caused by fire. The measures to be taken may be of both technical and organizational character.

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SBA in brief

1. Make an inventory of factors related to fire and evacuation.

2. Prevent fire with sophisticated technical and organizational solutions, instructions and procedures.

3. Make sure both technically and organizationally, to limit damage if a fire occurs anyway.

4. Inform, educate and train your staff not to jeopardize fire protection, but instead be an active part in it.

5. Keep continuous track of 1, 2, 3 and 4.

6. Documenting everything done and planned. Partly to show what you have done and are doing, but also to meet the requirement of the scheme.